Owned by Lendlease Retirement Living, The Brighton on Bay provides a relaxing environment with many luxuries and services for its retiree community to enjoy. Residents of the 76 serviced apartments enjoy village amenities such as library, cinema room, indoor heated pool and health support. Each apartment is also fitted with its own ensuite and modern kitchen appliances.

The Brief

Reliable hot water is essential to ensure residents residing in the serviced apartments are comfortable and well cared for. Rheem Commercial was asked to collaborate with Air Everywhere Victoria and One Plumb Plumbing West Footscray to replace the existing roof mounted gas hot water plant with a Rheem commercial heat pump solution to ensure hot water was delivered to the 76 apartments in the village.

The Solution

Rheem Commercial assisted Air Everywhere Victoria and One Plumb Plumbing West Footscray to install a sustainable hot water system that residents and their carers could rely on.

Rheem Commercial’s Air to Water (A2W) Heat Pump was selected for its cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

A truly commercial grade heat pump, the Rheem Commercial air to water heat pump delivers hot water up to 65°C with a system Coefficient of Performance (COP) up to 4.0 at 20°C ambient air temperature. The Brighton On Bay will enjoy savings up to 75 per cent of operating costs compared to electric water heaters.

Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Water Heaters were also installed which are suitable for high demand hot water usage. This is perfect to support Brighton on Bay’s luxury facilities such as a gym, pool, community areas.

The Kit

  • Air to Water Heat Pump: 2x Rheem 16kw Heatpump 95301600, 2x CM3-2 pumps 366084
  • Storage tanks: 4x VE 410 litre storage tanks 61043050
  • Water heater: 4x heavy duty electric 315L, 3x 3.6kw Electric 61331507


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