INDIGO is a recently renovated luxury hotel experience in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. The hotel is peppered with hand-painted artworks, sculptures, and overhead installations inspired by the city’s culture and hidden secrets. It contains 212 strikingly-designed rooms, and a Japanese restaurant.

The brief

For owners IHG, part of renovating Hotel INDIGO meant bringing its hot water plant in-line with the luxury features the hotel is now known for. Rheem was brought in by Stantec Engineers to assist in finding a hot water solution for the new room layouts to replace the old plant, which had begun to incur significant maintenance and repair costs.

Never ones to shy away from finding a better solution, the Rheem team found an opportunity to incorporate a second solution into the building to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The solution

Rheem sized the durable and efficient Tankpak 12 for the rooms and Tankpak 1 for the kitchen facilities to meet the hot water demand for guests and kitchen staff respectively. Seeking increased efficiency wherever possible, the Rheem team found an opportunity to incorporate integrated secondary circulating pumps as an additional solution into the building, increasing power efficiency and reducing pipework costs. APS Plumbing won the project and were able to crane the units into position with a simple installation.

The Kit

  • 1x Tankpak 12
  • 1x Tankpak 1


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