Teisha Jayde Sethi-Swindail from Jeff Maguire Plumbing, one of Rheem’s Apprentice Grants recipients in 2021, is making a mark in the plumbing industry.

In an interview with Rheem for International Women’s Day in March 2022, Teisha spoke about why she is passionate about plumbing and how we can see more females in the industry.

“I’ve got loads of family in the construction industry, so I’ve grown up around it. I’ve always been pretty hands on, going through school I knew I was never really going to be stuck behind a desk,” said Teisha to Rheem’s Executive Account Manager Michael Albanese.

“I was in the hospitality industry for a really long time, then with COVID that shut down. I started working with my dad doing bathroom and kitchen renovations, so I learnt loads.

“And then the plumber came in and I saw that and thought ‘this is really cool, really necessary.’ Jeff (from Jeff Maguire’s Plumbing) took me on one day a week and then eventually asked me to be his apprentice.”

Teisha then spoke about how the problem solving aspect of plumbing drives her each day and adds to the rewarding aspect of the job.

“I love so much that no two things are the same with plumbing. You’re constantly problem solving, you’re always being creative and thinking. I love that there are so many different aspects to it; you’re not always stuck doing the same thing.”

“And once I realised it was so necessary day-to-day for everything to run, and how important it was, it makes it so much more rewarding when I complete a job and think ‘wow, I did that’ and it was so important.”

Teisha also mentioned how we can see more women in the plumbing industry. Females make up around 3% of construction tradespeople, but more women are making a mark in the plumbing industry, and Teisha would love to see this continue.

“Once everybody stops looking at it as a female doing a male’s job, that’s when things are really going to change,” said Teisha.

“I realised at TAFE that I was doing the same work. It’s not a gender-based role, we’re on the same level. Once it changes to looking at people as students and apprentices rather than by gender, you’ll then continue to see the proportion go up.

“If you’re thinking about getting into a trade, absolutely do it. It’s so rewarding and so creative.”

You can catch the full interview with Teisha on the Rheem YouTube channel here or watch below.

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